Jada and David Parrish
Walter The Wooden Purse

Walter The Wooden Purse's Adventure To The Clerks 3 Movie Premiere

Blog by Jada Parrish | Sculptures | 10/15/22

 Want to see what a movie premiere is like?! We went to the Clerks 3 Movie Premiere to see my brother @AustinZajur play the role of Blockchain Coltrane. The only problem was that I needed a purse! I challenged David to make me a flower purse out of plywood. Can he do it?!

Watch to see how David makes plywood purse and we fly to LA for the premiere.

**Watch until the end to see Walter at the Clerks 3 premiere!**


UNDRESSED Conceptual Photo Series - Jada and David Parrish
UNDRESSED Conceptual Photo Series
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Purple Box BTS On Paul C Buff's YouTube
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PetaPixel Photographers To Follow
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