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5 Ways Photographers Can Grow Their Following on Threads - Jada And David Parrish

5 Ways Photographers Can Grow Their Following on Threads

Blog by Jada Parrish | Article | 08/03/23

Social media has become integral to the lives of photographers, offering unique opportunities to showcase their work and connect with potential clients and other like-minded individuals. Threads, a relatively new app developed by the Instagram team, has quickly emerged as a dynamic platform for sharing text updates and engaging in public conversations. Its integration with Instagram allows users to seamlessly transition their followers to Threads, creating an exciting opportunity for photographers seeking to expand their audience. You log in using your Instagram account and posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

Discovering yet another social media platform often brings a tinge of stress, knowing that I'll have to create more content. However, when I learned about Threads and its integration with Instagram, I was actually excited. The brilliant aspect is that anyone following you on Instagram automatically becomes a follower on Threads when they join. This means you don't have to start from scratch to grow your following - so refreshing!

Starting with Threads is a breeze: a simple log-in using your existing Instagram account is all it takes. Your Instagram username and verification smoothly carry over, giving you the option to tailor your profile specifically for Threads. Once inside, your feed is populated with threads from people you already follow, and you’re introduced to fresh content from new creators. 

Threads is undeniably a competitor to Twitter, but in my view, it sets itself apart as an entirely distinct platform. Threads is currently dominated by active Instagram users. This has made the experience interesting, as some of the people I follow on Instagram but rarely see on my feed are now actively engaging on Threads, creating an interactive space where conversations thrive instead of silent likes. The platform's smaller user base gives it an intimate feel compared to Instagram, making it easier to connect with public figures and major brands since no one has as many followers here as they do on Instagram.

5 Ways Photographers Can Grow Their Following on Threads - Jada And David Parrish


Here are 5 ways photographers can use Threads to grow their following:

Ask Questions to Spark Engagement

Engaging with the Threads community is essential for increasing visibility and attracting more followers. A great way to create interactions is by posing thought-provoking questions related to photography. By asking fellow photographers to share photos they are proud of or images that challenged them, photographers can reply to your Thread question with the photo. Photographers love sharing their work and this is a super fun way to interact with people.

Before writing this article, I used Threads to ask photographers what their opinions on Threads were and what they liked best about the platform. This lead to tons of engagement on my own Threads account and helped foster a sense of community.

Post Photos

While Threads may be a text-centric platform, it also allows you to easily post photos and videos. Utilizing this platform to share images can lead to increased likes, shares, and overall engagement. Because it is such a text centric platform, a clever caption will definitely help engagement though. By effectively blending visuals and compelling narratives, photographers can create a lasting impression and inspire others to follow their Threads. 

One of the things photographers love most about threads is the ability to post multiple photos with a variety of crops. Unlike instagram where you are basically required to crop photos the same way when posting multiples, Threads provides photographers with more creative freedom making it easier to share work.

Connect with Brands and Influencers

Threads' intimate user base offers a unique opportunity for photographers to connect with brands and influencers more directly. Are there any brands you have been trying to engage with or reach out to? It can be hard to track down emails or send instagram messages that will most likely sit in a requests folder and never be seen. Because fewer people are on Threads, it gives you a much clearer line of communication to people that would normally be hard to reach making it easier to reach out to brands and establish valuable partnerships. 

Leverage Links for Website Traffic and Cross-Promotion

A standout feature of Threads is its support for external links, making it an ideal platform for driving traffic to websites, blogs, YouTube channels, or other social media platforms. While Instagram really seeks to keep people on the platform so external links are never super effective, Threads encourages users to share their content beyond the platform. Photographers can capitalize on this advantage by directing their Threads audience to their portfolios, articles, or other media, ultimately bolstering their online presence and attracting new followers from diverse online channels.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content for Authenticity

With Threads' focus on spontaneity and real-time interactions, photographers can embrace authenticity by sharing behind-the-scenes content. Unlike curated grids and strict aesthetics on other platforms, Threads allows for more genuine portrayals of a photographer's creative journey. By offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into their creative process, photographers can humanize their brand and create stronger connections with their audience. Followers appreciate the chance to engage in real-time and provide feedback, creating a deeper sense of community and loyalty.

Threads presents an interesting alternative in the realm of social media platforms. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, photographers must embrace new opportunities to expand their reach and grow their following. By actively participating in conversations, showcasing your work, connecting with brands, leveraging external links, and revealing behind-the-scenes content, photographers can harness Threads' potential. 

It has only been a few weeks, but so far, I have really been enjoying Threads, and I have found it to be a very social and interactive platform. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about Threads though. Do you like Threads? Do you think the hype will last long term? Any other tips you have found helpful or uncovered additional strategies for maximizing this interactive platform's potential?

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