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Jada and David
From Wedding Photographers To Artists - How Our 100 Set Project Changed Us
By Jada Parrish | Article | 04/25/22
Weddings ruled our life for 9 years. David and I started our wedding photography career in 2013 when a friend of a friend called us up in need of a wedding photographer and was wondering if we could help. I was 22 fresh out of college with a degree in photography and desperately searching for any job that I somewhat enjoyed and could pay my rent. This call was a godsend. And just like that, David ...
We're On A Podcast! Self-Doubt, Creativity, and The Power of Goal Setting
By Jada Parrish | Press | 09/30/22
I was raised in a family where we were encouraged to explore our passions and dream big. My brother, sister, and I really took that to heart. My brother, Austin Zajur, is a working actor living in Los Angeles. You may have seen him in movies in like Fist Fight, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, or Clerks III. My sister, Holly Zajur, is a yoga teacher, potter, and now a podcaster. And th...
Breaking Out of The Screen With Hannah Grace
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 09/30/22
I'm here. I don't want to be. I want to be there - way out there. I'm stuck inside this box I built for myself. Stuck inside the screen of my own mind. This is all I thought there was. I never dared to question it or let my mind imagine what could be. This is where I am supposed to be - where I am supposed to stay. But what if there is more? What if I am meant to be more? I'm done wondering.&...
We Won! Second Place Winners in the International Photography Awards
By Jada Parrish | Press | 09/22/22
I love photography and art competitions. They are such an attainable way to get your work in front of the right people. You never know who might see it, and your work could be exactly what they are looking for. You just have to get it out there! The International Photography Awards is probably my favorite photography contest. There are so many categories with multiple prizes and awards in ea...
How To Unlock Your Creativity
By Jada Parrish | Article | 09/21/22
A lot of people have asked us how we come up with so many ideas for our photo shoots. They sometimes comment saying "I could never come up with something like that" or "I wish I was more creative." The world isn't divided into creatives and non-creatives. An abundance of creativity is inside all of us. Creativity is a muscle and some people work their creative muscles more than others. J...
Joshua Tree Desert Photo Shoot With Anthony Keyvan
By Jada Parrish | Portrait Photography | 08/18/22
What makes a vacation even better? Being on one with photogenic people who are down to do impromptu photo shoots! Joshua Tree just has such distinct energy to it that connects you to nature and just makes you want to create. Anthony Keyvan brought the heat --- like he made the dessert even hotter. I had so much fun snapping these portraits of him soaking up all the magic Joshua Tree has...
Nothing Makes it Out of Life Alive
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 08/18/22
Sometimes I peer through the cracks of this "world" I have created. It is littered with broken people, broken dreams, and a false sense of control. They have no control, and it almost humors me as I watch the dots move around on the screen in a futile attempt to bring meaning to the inevitable. Life is simple. They never seem to see it though. They are too distracted by all of the minuti...
All The Worst Feelings Featuring Lacy Hartselle
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 08/10/22
I try and I try. I try so damn hard. Nothing seems to work. I'm here. I'm stuck in this place. I keep telling myself it's only for a little longer. That all of this is temporary. But is it? Or is this really where I am now? Is this who I am now? Is this what my life is now? No, No. That's not what I want. That's not true. It is temporary. My mind feels like a pinball machine bouncing through highs...
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Jada + David Parrish are mixed media artists whose work explores the connection between painting, sculpture, motion, and photography.