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Jada and David
From Wedding Photographers To Artists - How Our 100 Set Project Changed Us
By Jada Parrish | Article | 04/25/22
Weddings ruled our life for 9 years. David and I started our wedding photography career in 2013 when a friend of a friend called us up in need of a wedding photographer and was wondering if we could help. I was 22 fresh out of college with a degree in photography and desperately searching for any job that I somewhat enjoyed and could pay my rent. This call was a godsend. And just like that, David ...
8 Photography Books To get You Inspired
By Jada Parrish | Article | 02/16/24
Finding inspiration as an artist can be tricky. Everything we see has some influence on our work, whether conscious or unconscious, so where you go to seek out inspiration really matters. Photography is my favorite art form, but I avoid following many photographers on Instagram because I don’t want their work to influence mine. When you see photo trends popping up, it’s so easy for th...
Life Is About Contrast
By Jada Parrish | Article | 01/30/24
I deeply believe that we are all connected – in our love, in our joy, but also in our pain. It’s a thread that binds us together in this enigmatic journey we call the human experience, filled with contrasts. None of us make it through life without experiencing moments of awe-inspiring beauty and profound lows, where it feels like we're being swallowed by darkness and pain. It’s a...
Using Slime In a Photoshoot
By Jada Parrish | Article | 01/26/24
This year, one of David's and my goals is to explore as many new materials as possible. While we typically rely on wood and paint for our sets, our recent experiments into using new materials have led our creativity down exciting new paths. Introducing new materials always brings a mix of excitement and uncertainty. It's impossible to predict how a new material will impact our work or how effectiv...
Beyond The Likes: What Really Happens When Your Content Goes Viral
By Jada Parrish | Article | 01/25/24
On some level, I think it is every photographer's dream to have one of their photos go viral on the internet. But is it actually a good thing? As a photographer in the digital age, having a strong social presence is incredibly important. More than ever, clients are finding their photographers through social media, so whether you like it or not, you have to prioritize creating social content to ...
Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O'Cain
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 12/14/23
David and I are big fans of competition TV shows, especially those centered around creativity. There's something truly inspiring about witnessing people stretch their creative limits as they race against the clock, turning their imaginations into reality. A few months ago, while watching the second season of the Netflix show "Next In Fashion" from our couch, one designer immediately grabbed our a...
The Blue Spike
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 12/11/23
We collaborated with a colorful dance wear company - We Love Colors - to create a series of conceptual images. We were on a tight timeline with only 8 hours to build the set and execute the shoot. Our model, Isabella VanKersteren, is one of the most flexible humans I have ever met. She bent her body in all sorts of ways to help us create this monochromatic series of images. Watch the vid...
Through The Looking Glass Conceptual Shoot
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 12/11/23
This shoot is the first in our series of micro sets. We wanted to see how small we could build a set and still get a big visual impact. We used a series of descending circles to create an optical illusion. This set may have a small footprint but the photos we created with it are wild. Check out our behind the scenes video of the set build and photo shoot.   If you want to s...
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Jada + David Parrish are mixed media artists whose work explores the connection between painting, sculpture, motion, and photography.