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Jada and David
From Wedding Photographers To Artists - How Our 100 Set Project Changed Us
By Jada Parrish | Article | 04/25/22
Weddings ruled our life for 9 years. David and I started our wedding photography career in 2013 when a friend of a friend called us up in need of a wedding photographer and was wondering if we could help. I was 22 fresh out of college with a degree in photography and desperately searching for any job that I somewhat enjoyed and could pay my rent. This call was a godsend. And just like that, David ...
Black and White Film Portraits On The Canon A1
By Jada Parrish | Jada's Camera Challenge | 01/26/23
For this camera challenge, I shot with the Canon A1. This camera made its debut in 1978, so I wanted to stay true to that time period with the photos I took. I photographed this shoot with Ilford Hp5 high-grain black and white film.  Our model, Hannah, channeled some Penny Lane vibes and really brought these portraits to life. These photos were shot mid-day with partly cloudy/bright sun...
David's Birthday Photoshoot!
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 01/24/23
This is our trippiest photoshoot yet! We’ve seen people jumping onto the mylar trend in photography right now. We love the metallic effects it creates, but we wanted to put our own spin on this hot photography trend. SO, we built an entire set out of metallic silver spandex! We have never used fabric in a set before, so this was an entirely new approach for us. To make things even more...
Conceptual Portrait Shoot Inside an Alien Womb
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 01/17/23
We set out to create a conceptual photoshoot that was otherworldly, and built a conceptual set to feel like an alien womb. Pretty weird right? Well, just wait until you see how crazy the poses in this photo shoot get. This is officially our SMALLEST SET EVER. A human can barely fit inside of it, but just wait until you see the wild poses our model was able to do. Watch to see us light the shoot a...
Portrait Shoot With The Diana Instant Square Camera
By Jada Parrish | Jada's Camera Challenge | 01/17/23
This week’s camera challenge involved the Diana Instant Camera! Yes, INSTANT CAMERA. The challenge was to take portrait photos of an artist in her studio. I wasn’t sure what to expect - would this be insanely easy OR really hard?! I’d taken snapshots on an instant camera before, but never tried to capture professional looking images on a TOY CAMERA.     When using ...
Let's Talk Creative Burn Out: What it is and how to get past it
By Jada Parrish | Article | 01/16/23
As humans we always have a desire to do more, be better, and move faster. That doesn't mean we always do, but the desire is there. When you are in the groove, you can push out new work, create, and make at hyper speed. When we do hit that stride, it feels amazing. Until suddenly it doesn't. That's because you can only sustain that kind of pace for so long without balance.   The World Health...
Camera Challenge: Can you Take Decent Photos With a Kids Camera?!
By Jada Parrish | Jada's Camera Challenge | 01/05/23
David took the camera challenge to a whole new level this week. He challenged me to use a $25 KIDS digital camera!! This camera is recommended for kids 3 and up. The camera feels so cheap, I seriously thought he was joking. But, nope. He was serious, and I photographed an entire portrait shoot on it. We headed to a location downtown to meet up with our model. You have to see her reaction whe...
The Making of UNDRESSED BTS Video
By Jada Parrish | Behind The Scenes | 01/03/23
Watch as we create our conceptual photo series “UNDRESSED”. This series is about freeing yourself from something that is no longer serving you. Watch us construct our set, light the shoot, and then come behind the scenes with us and watch me direct the photoshoot. We play through wild scenarios like being attacked by bees and fighting with a best friend. My approach to photoshoot direc...
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Jada + David Parrish are mixed media artists whose work explores the connection between painting, sculpture, motion, and photography.