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Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O

Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O'Cain

Blog by Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 12/14/23

David and I are big fans of competition TV shows, especially those centered around creativity. There's something truly inspiring about witnessing people stretch their creative limits as they race against the clock, turning their imaginations into reality.

A few months ago, while watching the second season of the Netflix show "Next In Fashion" from our couch, one designer immediately grabbed our attention. It was Megan O'Cain, a fashion designer based in New York City. Her whimsical designs, brimming with bold colors, playful elements, and dramatic oversized silhouettes, captivated us. We couldn't stop talking about how amazing Megan’s designs would look within our own sets.

So we decided to reach out to Megan and asked if she’d be interested in collaborating on a project. We told her how much we loved her work explaining how it had ignited our imaginations with ideas of how amazing her designs would look in our surreal worlds. Megan wrote back and said “Let’s do it!”

Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O'Cain - Jada And David Parrish

She sent us several photos showcasing her latest looks, which served as the inspiration for our entire set design. David conceptualized a set featuring organic, undulating shapes and shared his design with Megan. Taking it a step further, she then crafted an entirely new dress inspired by David’s set design. Art is powerful. And it’s so cool that when you collaborate you can bounce inspiration back and forth to push your creativity even further.

Building this set was a challenge due to its curved shapes, but David successfully brought his vision to life. On Top of that, David designed the set to fit perfectly within our truck so we could transport it to Brooklyn for the shoot.

Working alongside Megan and her team was an incredible experience. Their attention to detail in styling each look was meticulous. When the model, Gabby, stepped into the set wearing the first outfit, it was a jaw-dropping moment. Megan’s designs harmonized flawlessly with our sets. Experimenting with various angles and poses was an absolute blast. Everything surpassed my initial expectations and came to life in a way I hadn't even imagined.

Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O'Cain - Jada And David Parrish

We photographed three looks from Megan’s new collection of floral-inspired dresses, including the one specifically designed to complement the set. If you're familiar with "Next in Fashion," you might recognize the pink and blue gingham dress—a remake of Megan's ABBA-inspired royalty look from episode one.

Fashion Photography Collaboration With Megan O'Cain - Jada And David Parrish

Collaborating creatively with other artists is, without a doubt, my favorite pursuit. It elevates everyone’s work to new heights and brings forth grander ideas than you could conceive alone. I am so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Megan on this project, and I'm thrilled with what we accomplished together!

For more final images and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, you can find them on our Patreon. That’s where we share the most in-depth content about our work.


Fashion Desginer: Megan O'Cain

Model: @feminine.intuition

Hair: @gabbydent13

Stylist: MILAD

On Set Assistant: @tashagem 


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