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The Survival Guide For A Successful Creative Collaboration
By Jada Parrish | Article | 05/30/23
Creating with someone else can be a really wonderful experience - OR - it can be really challenging. Collaboration can be a mixed bag, but it has the power to ignite innovation and bring creative ideas to life in an incredibly powerful way.  I've found that when David and I combine forces to create, we end up creating something bigger and better than either of us could have done on our own. ...
Art of Contest Entries: 10 Proven Tips for Winning Photo and Art Competitions
By Jada Parrish | Article | 05/22/23
Art and photo competitions are one of the greatest tools for an emerging artist. These creative competitions bring together top-tier experts and offer life-changing prizes that can skyrocket your career. But with fierce competition, you need a strategic edge to make your mark. In this post,I'm going to unveil my top 10 tips for creating an awe-inspiring contest entry  enabling you ...
Minimal And Liminal: Conceptual Portrait Shoot
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 05/18/23
This is one of the most simplistic sets we have ever built. We essentially created a giant light box to photograph our model in. It created a very liminal and minimal effect that was equal parts haunting and ethereal.  We made a reel of this shoot that went semi-viral on instagram. So many people commented asking what material we used and how we created this set. If you want t...
Toxic Relationship
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 04/25/23
Relationships are complicated. There is no denying it. With this shoot we explored the concept of connetion.    ...
The Orange Diner Set Build Behind The Scenes
By Jada Parrish | Behind The Scenes | 04/25/23
Who doesn't love a classic, old-school diner? The neon lights, the smell of coffee, and the sound of sizzling bacon - it's like stepping back in time. So, we decided to capture that same retro charm. We wanted to create a mini diner that was filled with color. We wanted the colors to be bold, so we opted for burnt shades of yellow and orange. We handcut mini wooden tiles to create the c...
Get Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access on Our Patreon!
By Jada Parrish | News | 04/21/23
We've been sharing our work on Instagram and our blog for the past 3 years, but we wanted to create a more intimate community where we can share even more about our creative process, set builds, and journey to becoming full-time artists. So we decided to launch our own Patreon! Patreon is a platform that allows creators like us to offer exclusive content and perks to our supporters...
Mini Room Conceptual Photo Shoot
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 04/21/23
Step right into our dream world of miniature proportions. What if you woke up one day and everything around you had shrunk? That was the spark of inspiration that led us to create the Mini Room Conceptual Photo Shoot. We wanted to explore the idea of scale and perspective in a surreal, dreamlike way. Our set design was heavily influenced by the classic dollhouse aesthetic - but with a modern...
Blue Bedroom Set Build Behind The Scenes
By Jada Parrish | Behind The Scenes | 04/20/23
We designed a blue bedroom set inspired by funky 1970s hotel rooms. We wanted to give it a touch of surrealism, so we went all out with wonky lines in the headboard and painted everything monochromatic shades of blue. This project was one of our most intricate ones, and we documented the whole process from start to finish. If you're interested in seeing how we brought this dreamy s...
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