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LA Garage Series | Behind The Scenes
By David Parrish | Behind The Scenes | 05/18/22
  This was a special set for us. We flew to LA to build this set in my brother-in-law's garage. Since we were in a tight space, I decided to shrink down my idea and make a tiny room. We had a ton of friends come through and help us capture different odd scenarios that could take place in this room.   A special thanks to all of our subjects! Kelly Curran, Aparna Brielle, Allius Barn...
Divine Nude Series Shoot #1
By Jada Parrish | Conceptual Photography | 05/18/22
This shoot is part of a three-part series called the "Divine Nudes." It was a series of three different shoots inspired by renaissance paintings and sculptures.  The series explores the fine line between victory and defeat and the sense of beauty within both of them. To win is beautiful. To lose is beautiful. The human spirit can endure so much and can easily pass between the ...
Runners Up at the Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards 2022
By Jada Parrish | Press | 05/17/22
We just got back from a whirlwind 72 hours in London where we attended the Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards. A photo we took of Isabella VanKesteren for our 100 Set Project was nominated for the Undiscovered Photographer Award, so we were invited to attend the awards ceremony at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. The dress code on the invitation said "Flash", which is a...
We Were Nominated for The Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards
By Jada Parrish | Press | 05/06/22
We have been nominated for the Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Award of Undiscovered Photographer of the Year! I am completely blown away by this news! We received the good news a few weeks ago, and I have been dying to share it.    Abbey Road Studios is one of the most iconic recording studios in the world. It's where the Beatles recorded some of their most iconic ...
Featured in Paul C Buff Eclipse Optical Snoot Video
By David Parrish | Press | 05/05/22
  Last month we hit the road to Nashville to Paul C Buff's studio with a set in our truck bed. We had a wonderful time and took some very slick photos. We will share more from this trip later on. Until then, check out this video where Paul C Buff used some footage of us working in their promo video for their new Eclipse Optical Snoot.    ...
Lost at Sea Loop With Abby Glover
By David Parrish | Moving Picture | 05/05/22
  Abby Glover is on a journey across the universe in her time portal. Follow along as she anxiously navigates the open universe in search of her truest desire. Will she make it? Or will it be all for nothing? Only a lot of time will tell.      ...
Dry Rocks Shoot #1 Notes
By David Parrish | DRY ROCK SERIES 2022 | 05/05/22
We are working on a little sub-series to rework and rediscover our outside voices. This is the first shoot of the series. We wanted to play around with stripping away our sets and playing with the organic round shapes and textures of nature. For most of my sets, I was up to about 6 strobes to light a scene. I wanted to break it down as minimally as I could. I used the early morning sky as one gia...
Dry Rocks Shoot #1 With The Pink Axe
By Jada Parrish | DRY ROCK SERIES 2022 | 05/04/22
Every day for the past 3 weeks, David and I have gone to the river. We initially  started going to the river to bring more balance to our lives and get a little movement in. To our surprise, the river began to inspire us more than we expected.  For the first time in a year and a half, we felt compelled to make some art outside of the studio. We wanted to bring aspects of the work w...
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