jada and david parrish
Conceptual Photography

The Conceptual Modeling Experience

Our shoots are different. We build a custom set for each shoot, and often they involve interesting shapes or objects for the model to interact with. The posing in our shoots involves some flexibility and strength - these aren’t easy shoots, but they are so much fun!

Be ready to explore emotion with us and try out a variety of poses. We will guide you through everything from start to finish, so please don’t be nervous! This is a giant game of dress up.

Jada and David Parrish

How To Reach Out?

We post model calls in our Instagram stories whenever we are looking for people to be in our shoots! Keep an eye those. When you respond to the model call, tell us a little about yourself (favorite food, hobby, where you’re from, etc). We often try to pull a little inspiration from your life to include in our shoots.

Please Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to model in our photoshoots.

We do our best to respond to everyone, but if you don’t hear back from us please continue to reach out!

Jada Parrish


Prior to the shoot we will ask your sizes for tops, bottoms, shoes, and dresses. We will provide the wardrobe for your shoot, and it will be styled to match the set we create.

Once we have the look finalized, we may reach out asking if you have specific jewelry of clothing items to help complete it.

When prepping for your shoot, bring a few different types of undergarments with you just in case something doesn’t work with the outfit we have chosen. We typically do 1 look per shoot.

Hair + Makeup

Our models do their own hair + makeup for most of our shoots. If there is a very specific look or style we are trying to convey, we may use a hair + makeup artist though!


We may ask you to paint your nails a specific color to match the set. If that isn’t possible, just arrive with clean nails. No chipped polish.

Jada Parrish

Preparing for the shoot:

- Practice different facial expressions in the mirror. We will be playing around with all sorts of expressions and emotions

- Stretch. Our shoots are somewhat physical, and many models have told us they were a touch sore afterwards. Stretch or do a little yoga before your shoot to help prepare.

- Avoid wearing any tight fitting clothing or undergarments the day of your shoot as they can leave marks on your skin.

What to bring:

- Bring a few different types of undergarments (strapless bra, regular bar, bralette, thong, etc).

- Bring extra lipgloss or lipstick to reapply throughout the shoot.

- Bring a hair brush for touch ups throughout.

- If doing a topless or implied nude shoot, pack a robe to put on as we adjust lights throughout the shoot.

Arriving to Your Shoot

We kindly request that you come to your photoshoot alone. Having additional people in the room affects the creative energy.

When you arrive at our building, send us a message on instagram and we will come out to greet you.

The Shoot

We will blast music and have some fun! I start every shoot by taking a few test shots to help ease you in and get you feeling comfortable. Good lighting is everything! David will professionally light each scene.

I will guide you through each pose and give you specific instructions on your facial expressions and body movements. Don’t be surprised if I lay on the floor myself to demonstrate things! I will be your cheerleader throughout the entire session giving you plenty of feedback and direction. We will work through a series of different poses to create diversity and find your most flattering angles.

Making sure we nail the lighting and posing within each shot is very important to us, so these shoots are a little slower paced.

Shoots typically take between 1 - 2 hrs. If hair + makeup is involved, that usually takes an additional hour.

Jada Parrish


Be on the lookout for a preview photo or two within a few days of your shoot. Because of the sets, these shoots involve a lot of photoshop which can be very time consuming. Since we do not want to rush this process, we plan on editing the complete photo gallery once we finish this 100 shoot project.

Delivery of images

You will receive a handful of images from the shoot via an online gallery after we finish this 100 shoot project. You are welcome to use these photos on your social media channels. We just ask that each photo be properly credited (@jadaanddavid), do not crop the images, and that no filters or words be placed on the images. Please note that you cannot profit from the images in any way including but not limited to sites like patreon and fans only. You may not share the link to the gallery with anyone else.

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