jada and david parrish
Conceptual Photography

Conceptual Portraits Project

1 year. 100 shoots. 100 sets. Can we do it?

We are on a mission to build 100 wild plywood sets and do 100 crazy shoots in 1 year. We kicked off our first shoot on January 1, 2021. In order to achieve this goal, it means doing 2 - 3 shoots a week. Every set takes 1 - 3 days to build...so this is a lofty goal!

Please Note: Our instagram page @wearejdphoto was wrongfully disabled by instagram. That's okay, we made a new one. Find us on our new account @jadaanddavid!

Jada Parrish

For the past 8 years we have been wedding + portraits photographers primarily documenting one emotion - happiness. Ironically, the average adult only smiles 20 times a day. The rest of the day we experience a plethora of other emotions both big and small.

Through these 100 shoots, we are exploring emotion through color, plywood, and people. We are shining lights on emotions that are predominantly overlooked in photos like frustration, defeat, exhaustion, sadness, curiosity and attempting to show that there is beauty in those emotions as well. We need to feel all of it. That is what makes us whole.

People are always our subject matter which makes every shoot we do a collaboration. We place great importance on models, hair + makeup artists, and clothing designers to help achieve our creative vision. We are always looking for new people to collaborate with us and join us for a portion of our journey. If you are interested in modeling in a shoot or collaborating with hair, makeup, fashion design, or art please send us a DM on instagram (@jadaanddavid)!